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Series Title: I Ching: My Key Learning Experiences 
By Carol K. Anthony

In this ten part video series, I describe how key lessons led to writing my first four books on the I Ching: A Guide to the I ChingThe Philosophy of the I ChingThe Other Way, Meditation Experiences Based on the I Ching, and Love, An Inner Connection, Based on Principles Drawn from the I Ching.

Part 1. My Beginning  (2 parts)

First part:

Second Part: (continued) 

Part 2. What is the I Ching Really About?
Part 3. Right or Wrong?
Part 4. The Identity of the Sage
Part 5. The I Ching Mode of Action
Part 6. Claiming Our Boundaries
Part 7. Saying The Inner No
Part 8. Realizing the Ego is a False Self
Part 9. Summary