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How to communicate with the I Ching/the Sage by using the RTCM by Carol Anthony and Hanna Moog

Handout for the I Ching Seminar in Stow, Massachusetts, 2012
7 pages, pdf format


Table of Contents

I. Your relationship with the I Ching/the Sage 1

   The Sage as our inner teacher 1

The purpose of consulting the I Ching 1

   Attitudes that make it possible for the I Ching/the Sage to help us 3

   Attitudes that make it difficult for the I Ching/the Sage to help us 3

   What can we do to free ourselves temporarily from ego-attitudes? 4

   Exercise 4

   What can we do to free ourselves enduringly from an ego-attitude? 5

   When the problem is within someone else 5

II. The problem you want to address 5

   The I Ching teaches us the Cosmic Principle of  Cause and Effect. 5

   The process of correcting the cause of a problem,

    and thereby depriving it of its root 6

   On a technical note 7


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