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Finding Your Cosmic Destiny by Carol Anthony and Hanna Moog

Handout for the I Ching Seminar, Stow, Massachusetts, 2010
13 pages, pdf format


Table of Contents


The Carpet 1

What Prevents Us from Fulfilling Our Cosmic Destiny 1

The Three Main Causes that Prevent us from Fulfilling Our Cosmic Destiny 2

Setting Ourselves an Ego/Goal 2

Using the Wrong Means 2

Ego Activities that Prevent Us from Learning 2

How the Cosmic Consciousness Supports Us in Fulfilling Our Cosmic Destiny 3

Our Carpet Gets Filled In as We Free Ourselves from the Ego 3

Fate Brings Us Back to the Path of Our Cosmic Destiny 3

Hexagram 29, The Abyss/Danger 4

The Goals that Lead to Fulfilling Our Cosmic Destiny 6

The Means that Allow Us to Fulfill our Cosmic Destiny 7

Finding Our Purpose 7

Making a New Beginning: Our Birth 8

Birth Chips 8

Exercises 9

   Identifying the Birth Chip 9

   If no Birth Chip Applies to You 10

   Cleansing Meditation 10

   Asking Your Five Inner Senses of Perception 10


Deprogramming Your Findings 11

   The Birth Chip 12

   Mistaken Ideas and Beliefs 12

   Self-images 12

   Demons, Dragons, and Imps 12

   So-called Other Demonic Elements (ODE’s) 13


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