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The Eight Trigrams of Feng Shui Seen in a New Light by Carol Anthony and Hanna Moog

Handout for the I Ching Seminar at the New England School of Feng Shui , 2007
18 pages, pdf format


Table of Contents


The Relationship Between a Person and his Home 1

Eight Areas of Consciousness 2

Spells and poison arrows that cause disturbances in particular areas of a house

    can be demonic elements or microchips 3

How can we recognize the disharmonious thoughts that cause  disturbances? 4

The role of Cosmic help in correcting the disturbances 5

The Eight Trigrams as Reflections of the Eight Areas of Consciousness of a House and the Person who Lives in It 6

    Trigram CH’IEN. Chi-energy. The area of helpful friends 6 Trigram K’UN. Earth. The area of inter-human        relationships 7

    Trigram K’AN. Flowing Water. The area of a person’s uniqueness 8

    Trigram CHÊN. Thunder/The Arousing Force. The area of parents, ancestors, and cultural traditions and taboos 9

     Trigram SUN. Wind. The area of material and immaterial wealth  and possessions 10

     Trigram TUI. The Lake. The area of creativity 11

     Trigram KÊN. Mountain. The area of feelings 11

     Trigram LI. Fire/Light. The area of clarity 13

     Tai Chi. The Integrated Energy of All Areas of Consciousness 15

Applying the Eight Trigrams to Uncover the Cause of a Disturbance 15

     A Step-by-Step Approach 15

     How much can the Feng Shui practitioner investigate the causes without involving his client? 16

     Can the demonic influence be a legacy of a former house or landowner? 16

     Ghosts 17

     What distinguishes Spells from Poison Arrows 17

 Poison Arrows 17

 Microchips 18

     A Demonic Element Encountered in Feng Shui 18



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