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Healing Ailments Through Deprogramming Sick-Making Ideas by Carol Anthony and Hanna Moog

Handout for the I Ching Seminar in Tucson, Arizona, 2006
21 pages, pdf format

Table of Contents


Our Natural Wholeness and Health 1

Our Natural Unity with the Cosmos 1

Our Unity with Nature 2

What Holds Us to the Cosmic Unity? 3

How Humans Have Lost Their Unity with the Cosmos 3

How Mistaken Beliefs Create a Parallel Reality 4

The Development of the Individual Ego 5

Three Sick-making Thought Forms: Spells, Poison Arrows and Projections 6

The Main Cosmic Principles of Harmony 8

The Helping Forces of the Cosmos and of Our Nature 10

The Sage 10

Other Cosmic Helpers 11

The Helpers of Nature 12

The Helpers of our Personal Nature 12

How to Best Relate to the Helpers 12

Mistaken Beliefs that Block the Helpers 13

Doubts that Block the Helpers 13

Efforts that Cause the Helpers to Retreat 14

Efforts that Engage the Helpers 14

Investigating a Minor Ailment 14

Some guidelines for our inquiry 15

Suspending Beliefs and Disbelief 15

Awareness of the Difficulty Created by Guilt and Related Words 15

How to Find Relief from Sudden Pains 16

Headaches 17

The Activity of a Free-Floating Changeling 17

Crystallized Fears 17

Microchips 18

Deprogramming 18

Methods of deprogramming 18

How deprogramming initiates transformations 18

Deprogramming on behalf of another person 19

Deprogramming Guilt 19

Deprogramming the false concept of guilt 19

Deprogramming the spell of”original guilt/sin” 19

Deprogramming feelings of guilt 19

Mini-meditations 20

— Mini-meditations using the image of water 20

— Mini-meditations using the image of fire 20

— Mini-meditation using the image of a cosmic vacuum cleaner bag 21

What to do when Some of Your Deprogramming has been Undone by

Guilt or Doubt 21


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