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Relationships — With Special Emphasis on the Love Relationship by Carol Anthony and Hanna Moog

Handout for the I Ching Seminar in Stow, Massachusetts, 2006
22 pages, pdf format


Table of Contents

Your First Relationship Is with Yourself 1

The Gift of a Love Relationship to Free Two People’s True Selves 2

The Ego’s Program to Gain Control over the Love Relationship  3

Difficulties in Relationships caused by two basic factors 5

The Cornerstones of the Ego’s Program for a Love Relationship 5

1. Loyalty to our partner 6

2. The Acceptance of Inequality 7

3. Accepted Self-Images and Roles 7

4. “You must share everything” 7

5. “You must be sensitive to my needs” 7

6. Sacrifice 7

When the Ego Speaks “the truth” 8

Harmonious and Disharmonious Attitudes in Relating 8

• Patience 8

• Trust 8

• Injustices 8

• Forgiving 8

• Tolerance 9

• Sincerity 9

Asking for Cosmic help 9

The Role of the Sage in the Love Relationship 10

Traditional Roles in the Love Relationship 10

Self-images 11

Ego Beliefs about the Nature of Love 12

Ego Beliefs about Partnership 14

The Collective Ego’s Model of the Love Relationship 14

Fears 15

Conflicts in Partnerships 16

Inner Actions to Free Yourself from the Ego’s Interference

in Your Relationships 18

Recognizing the Presence of the Sage in Yours and Your Partner’s Company 18

Saying the Inner No 18

Deprogramming 18

Retreating from Conflict or Opposition 19

The Three-Minute-Rule 20

Freeing Yourself from Stored Memories of Traumatic  Experiences 21

Identifying and deprogramming a memory chip 22

    Identifying and deprogramming a microchip 22


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