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The Psyche Revealed Through the I Ching by Carol K. Anthony and Hanna Moog

Psychology, I Ching, Self-Help
384 pages, paperback, 5-1/2x8-1/2

About this book

This book presents a new understanding of the psyche that allows us to safely go on our own inner journey of self-discovery. Through gaining the knowledge contained in the DNA of every cell, which the I Ching calls our "inner truth," we are able to become free of conditions such as depression, anxiety, and stress that are caused by beliefs that contradict that truth. This book reveals the ancient I Ching oracle to be a modern and relevant psychology that not only mirrors to us our true nature, but makes us aware that we are born into a loving Cosmos that fulfills all our needs, when we are open to it.

Based on the authors’ more than fourty years of study with the I Ching, this book shows that our true human nature and potential are only good. Psychic malfunctions, the book clarifies, are created by accepting a diminished, miserly, or even wounded view of ourselves — a view that is traitorous to our true self. These negative views are mostly created through childhood conditioning and early traumas.

The book helps the individual who wants to free himself from emotional suffering and behavioral problems, to find the specific ideas revealed by the I Ching that have blocked the unique expression of his true nature. The book shows the reader how to research these causes, and free the mind, psyche, and body of them with Cosmic help. Through following the methods shown, the person is released from the harm they continuously create.

The Psyche Revealed Through The I Ching shows how, through making use of the I Ching as a teacher and friend, a person can fulfill the most important purpose of his life: to claim and honor his own authenticity and sovereignty. In helping people to know themselves, the authors have continued where Carl G. Jung left off when he described the I Ching as a “mirror to the unconscious.”

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Excerpts from the Introduction

The important role our thinking plays in creating our reality was first shown in our book, I Ching, The Oracle of the Cosmic Way, and further demonstrated in its practical application in our next book, Healing Yourself the Cosmic Way. This latter book is dedicated to showing ideas and beliefs that cause physical illnesses, and to showing how we can free ourselves from illness by rejecting the validity of these ideas. The sick-making ideas, we were to learn, are stored in the psyche, where they act like a negative ‘program’ that overrides our feeling program of inner truth that would otherwise keep us healthy. The fact that these harmful ideas can be identified, with the Sage’s help, and removed from the psyche once and for all, drew our attention to certain functions of the psyche that were involved in storing the negative programs on the one hand, and that could be engaged in freeing ourselves from them, on the other.

The overall role our psyche plays in the healthy personality is the subject of this, our third book. It shows the psyche as the meeting place for our mind and body. In this meeting place, our body brings to our mind its feeling experiences of life and the wisdom of our inner truth, while our mind brings to our body its ability to express in words the inner truth our body conveys through its feelings.

Our psyche has wonderful functions to make this interface between our body and mind possible. Many of these functions are described in this book. Besides being the body-mind meeting place, our psyche weaves the meaningful threads in such a way that on looking back over our lives, we can see the pattern that developed, which gives our life meaning.

Unfortunately, shocking and traumatic experiences that have not been processed prevent our fulfilling the meaning of our lives. Their presence in this unprocessed form creates in us unconscious patterns of behavior that harm our lives and spoil the Cosmic gifts we are born with. Fortunately, just as we can free ourselves from the harmful ideas that cause illness, we can also free ourselves from these wounds to our personality. With Cosmic help we can completely free the psyche from them.

Another critical development in our understanding was the realization that the I Ching is not based on “changes,” as has been thought for centuries. This view of the I Ching led in China to a philosophy of passive acceptance of adversity as the correct way to adapt to the “ups and downs” of life. As we learned, it is the Cosmic Principle of Transformation that governs all life, and enables its renewal. These transformations take place on the cellular level and are set in motion by consciousness that is in harmony with the Cosmos. The basis for this book and our two previous books is the understanding that we can heal illness, resolve conflict, and return to inner peace only by engaging transformations. By contrast, the idea that life is governed by changes causes us to attempt to make things happen through mechanical means. These means address the symptoms rather than the causes of dysfunction and are the result of mistakenly viewing the universe as a system of mechanics.

As we, Carol and Hanna, experienced for ourselves, people usually come in touch with the I Ching at a time of great need: when a relationship has failed, an illness has struck, a financial crisis has occurred, or when they have become alienated from who they are. It is then that they are ready to look for the true cause of their misfortune. It is an interesting fact that the Chinese ideogram for “crisis” has the second meaning of “opportunity.” In a time of great crisis, the Sage approaches us in various possible guises to reveal to us the positive potential the crisis contains, while at the same time showing us the mindset that has caused our dilemma. In order to uncover the positive potential, we need to start on an inner journey into our psyche, where we are faced with the ideas and beliefs that have caused our crisis.

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