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Healing Yourself the Cosmic Way by Carol K. Anthony and Hanna Moog

Based on the I Ching
304 pages, paperback

About this book

This book begins by showing that health is our natural state of being, and that the root cause of illness lies in beliefs and attitudes that are contrary to our basic nature.

Healing starts with finding the sick-making beliefs that have caused the specific illness with the help of the I Ching oracle. Once identified, the book gives a method by which the offending beliefs can be deprogrammed with Cosmic help.

The book is based on the authors’ personal experiences in healing themselves with the help of the I Ching’s counsel. The I Ching made them aware of a virtual catalog of the sick-making thoughts and beliefs that are at the root of illnesses of all kinds. They also learned from it a detailed method for freeing the mind, psyche, and body of these sick-making thoughts. Their experience showed that once a person is freed of these harmful ideas and their depressive effects on his body cells, the body returns to health.

The book gives numerous examples of how people have freed themselves successfully from different kinds of ailments through applying the methods described in this book.

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Be a finder
In 28 years of practice using the best of what I could find in manual medicine, nutrition/diet, herbal medicine, Nature awareness, and spiritual approaches I finally found what I was searching for: the real causes of illness and the Cosmic Way to wholeness... This book is a sort of field guide to tracking and identifying various influences on consciousness found in our psyche...so as to integrate/harmonize the body and mind with Nature, with our own true nature, and with the Cosmos. Truly a new, yet ancient, understanding of healing/wholeness that works! I know, I have experienced this with chronic and minor ailments... Read and use this book. Be a finder instead of a perpetual seeker. Discover the realm where true healing occurs. Much praise for this pioneering work! --David Kirchhof, D.C.

Midwest Book Review
Written by Carol K. Anthony and Hanna Moog, co-founders of the I Ching Institute, Healing Yourself the Cosmic Way: Based on the I Ching is an in-depth, self-help guide to improving one's well-being and recovering from physical and emotional pain through ancient Chinese wisdom in the need to balance body and mind, as well as identifying various influences on the consciousness of the psyche. Healing Yourself the Cosmic Way is not an I Ching manual or primer per se, but rather walks the reader through valuable truths that understanding the I Ching can help communicate. Chapters cover the role of ego in illness, understanding infections, pain as a messenger, causes of regressions and hindrance to healing, the causes of susceptibility to illness, and much more. A welcome addition to holistic healing and alternative medicine shelves. "Guilt, if not deprogrammed, greatly diminishes our self-healing abilities. It therefore keeps us ill for longer periods of time than necessary. Guilt also reinstalls the things we have deprogrammed by making us fear that if we turn our backs on our time-honored beliefs, we will become guilty."

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