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The Other Way by Carol K. Anthony

Meditation Experiences Based on the I Ching
264 pages, paperback, 5-1/2 x 8-1/2

About this book
Welcome to a whole new world of meditating that the author describes as “I Ching Meditation.” The meditation described in this book brought her the unique insights that enabled her to write her first book, A Guide to the I Ching. These insights brought her into contact with her inner life while at the same time helping her resolve the problems in her outer life. In time, the meditations became a direct contact with the Sage that speaks through the I Ching.

The book contains over 200 meditations that are grouped under themes that were active in her life between 1971 and 1990. One group of meditations helped her learn how to meditate (with the help of Hexagram 52, Keeping Still). Another group made her aware of attitudinal defects that were referred to in several hexagrams. Another group addressed what the I Ching calls “the inferior man,” making her aware that it was referring to the ego. These showed the ego to be a false self composed of a group of self-images; as self-images, they were unable to become real, nevertheless, they never stopped trying to become real. Another group of meditations concerned what the I Ching calls “the superior man.” She was to learn it was referring to her true self. A full understanding was completed when in a meditation, she saw herself in a jail cell but noticed that the key was in the cell door and she only needed to unlock it to leave. Other meditations dealt with self-healing, with being forewarned of difficulties about to happen, and with how to respond to them; still other meditations helped her respond to problems in her business. The meditations not only helped her understand herself and her problems, it helped her understand the I Ching, and how it communicates.

The book starts with giving the reader help in learning to meditate in the same way. The table of contents (see pdf) lists all the meditations included in the book.

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