Death of the Ego? by Laurie Phillips, UK
Jul. 22, 2015

Fatal sentence.

Ego you must die,

Please donít ask me why,

You dominate my life,

Me Me Meís the cry.


My attitude is wrong,

Complaints my daily song,

I need to let things go,

Be peaceful in the throng.


Stop my daily fights,

Cease demanding rights,

Turn my back on strife,

Finally see the light.


Cosmos will take care,

Quietly I must share,

Forgive and walk away

No more must ego flare.


No one will understand,

New tune by inner band,

A humble, modest stance,

No longer, proud or grand.


Will I recognize who I am?

Living with this modest plan

No Ego to be seen,

Calmer person, not a sham.