The Surprising Benefit of a Spontaneously Said Inner No by Britt Johanne Sommerstad, Oslo, Norway
Jan. 04, 2012

Thank you for the books; it has been a wake-up to many things for me. For example, my grandson (22) did play internet games all his time. I donít know if it was bad, but the bad thing was that it left no time for anything else in his life. One day, it suddenly hit me that I should say the inner NO to this. In my mind I said it to the screen on his computer.


I have to say, I was surprised he suddenly stopped playing! This had been a problem for years. It was a sudden impulse, and if I had made a plan to do it, I would probably have said the inner NO to him. So that has puzzled me a little bit, that it worked so well by saying it to the computer.