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We, Carol Anthony and Hanna Moog, have both been offering counseling for over three decades. During this time we have shifted our approach in counseling people to a new approach that places it under the guidance of the Sage (see the description below).

As of July 1, 2014, Carol feels that in view of her advanced age, she has completed the task of counseling so that she can dedicate herself more to personal matters. She will therefore no longer be available for counseling.

From now on, Hanna Moog, who is the co-author of the books on which our counseling practice has been based in the past 15 years, and who has already been doing most of our consultations, will be the only one offering this service. Hanna is thoroughly versed in everything we have learned together since 1998. Before coming to this country, she had her own counseling practice in Germany for many years. After the books we wrote jointly, we no longer engaged in counseling based on Carol's book, A Guide to the I Ching, since it was based on the traditionally held idea that 'life is ruled by changes.' The Sage, the voice that speaks through the I Ching, made us aware as we were writing our book I Ching, The Oracle of the Cosmic Way, that the I Ching is based on transformations rather than changes, and that transformations are at the heart of life and at the heart of solving conflicts, healing illnesses, and of resolving difficulties of all sorts. In addition to I Ching, the Oracle of the Cosmic Way, our books Healing Yourself the Cosmic Way, and The Psyche Revealed Through the I Ching, are also based on this new understanding.

If you wish to apply for a consultation by Hanna, you need to have somewhat acquainted yourself with at least one of the three books mentioned above, all of which contain the newer concepts.

Hanna offers counseling on the following topics: health, relationships, workplace and other material issues of real concern.

How does I Ching counseling differ from other forms of counseling?

It takes place under the guidance of the Sage that speaks through the I Ching oracle. The Sage is the inner Cosmic Teacher every person is born with. The Sage uses the I Ching to reflect to us our deepest inner truth, which may have been silenced by our childhood conditioning. Another function of the Sage is to watch over the contents of our subconscious, where our fears, self-doubt, and guilt are stored, so as to prevent us from getting overwhelmed by them. When we ask the Sage to guide us in the counseling process, it brings onto the stage of our conscious mind only that which is causing the difficulty we are concerned with. It brings these matters to light in the exact sequence they need to be dealt with.

Hanna's role as counselor is to ask the Sage, on your behalf, to address your issue of concern from the Cosmic perspective; the Cosmic perspective is the same as being shown your inner truth about it.

By inner truth we refer to the deep inner knowledge we each possess about ourselves and about the Cosmos. That knowledge is stored in our DNA. It is a feeling knowledge that shows itself in whether something feels harmonious or lacks that feeling. The Sage translates this feeling knowledge into words we can understand. In another meaning, "inner truth" is the name given to the actual inner cause(s) of the problematical issue we wish to resolve.

Our experience with the I Ching has taught us that almost all difficulties are caused by ideas and beliefs that are in conflict with the Cosmic Principles of Harmony that are revealed in each hexagram of the I Ching. These Principles ensure the duration of the Cosmos. During counseling, the Sage points out those Principles by pointing to one or more hexagrams that relate to your issue or concern. Those hexagrams reveal the Cosmic Principles of Harmony that have been violated in the issue at hand. It does so by hinting at the idea or belief that has caused the violation. The hexagrams also show how the matter at hand can be corrected and brought into harmony. In the light of these Principles we are able to see with clarity what leads to success and harmony in our lives.

The goal of I Ching Counseling is not to tell you what you need to do in terms of outer action. Rather, the Sage shows Hanna the cause(s) of the difficulty you want to resolve, and how you can free yourself from them with Cosmic help.

Finding out that you have violated a Cosmic Principle of Harmony does not mean that you are guilty. Guilt is a concept invented by humans to control others. The Cosmos always helps us correct our mistaken ideas and beliefs when we have the sincere desire to bring our thinking into harmony with its Principles.

Common causes of difficulties are:

  1. The use of power, be it in thought, spoken words, or action
  2. Misunderstandings of our natural relationship with the Cosmos
  3. Misunderstandings about human relations
  4. Mistaken ideas about human nature
  5. The taking on of guilt

The Practical Procedure

Before Hanna undertakes to do counseling, she first asks the Sage whether what you ask is within the current scope of her work.

In her counseling practice, Hanna will ask you to describe your particular concern or need in an email. She then does an I Ching session to allow the Sage to show her the issue from the Cosmic perspective. The answer is usually given in the form of one or more of the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching.

She then engages in an active communication with the Sage by putting forth hypotheses as to the specific meaning of the metaphors used in the oracle text, in regard to your concern. In this process, she draws on her long experience in communicating with the Sage. Upon completing her session, Hanna sends you a transcript of the session, including her personal commentaries. The transcript also points out the mistaken ideas or beliefs she has identified as the cause(s) of the difficulty, and instructions for their "deprogramming." By this we mean methods that allow you to free yourself or another from these ideas or beliefs, with Cosmic help. Doing this inner work of removing the cause(s) of the difficulty initiates the necessary transformations in the realm of the atom, from where all outer situations manifest. The result is the "good fortune" or "success" mentioned in so many hexagrams of the I Ching.

After she has sent you the transcript, you may wish to ask questions. In this case, you can arrange a telephone conference.

The first consultation will be limited to 1-1/2 hours. Hanna will continue only if you wish to go further. The minimum charge is for one hour. Any follow-up telephone time is charged on the basis of the actual time spent.

The rate is $130 per hour, payable through PayPal.

Please send us an email first, to check when and whether Hanna can schedule a consultation.

Disclaimer: Your consulting the I Ching oracle either by yourself or through Hanna is acknowledged to be your voluntary decision. Whether you take the advice given is also entirely your decision and responsibility.